The primary field of the company operation is performance of subsoil tests using in-situ testing methods:
  • Static penetration tests such as CPT, CPTU, SCPTU, CCPTU, ENVIRO by ap van den Berg,
    (1stclass equipment according to the Directive of the TC-16 ISSMGE Committee)
  • Dynamic penetration test using the Nordmayer penetrometer,
  • Geological drillings using the Nordmayer penetrometer,
  • Vane tests using a PSO-1,
  • DMT testing using an original Marchetti dilatometer,
  • SDMT testing using the Marchetti seismic dilatometer,
  • Collection of soil samples with undisturbed structure up to the depth of 20 m - Mostap,
  • Collection of water samples using a Wastap sampler by ap van den Berg
  • Probing using a Troxler 3440 isotope probe to measure density and moisture content of soil, concrete and asphalt

The state-of-the-art equipment of the 1st geotechnical class is used in static penetration, i.e. a HYSON 20Tf static penetrometer by ap van den Berg Machinefabriek (Holland). In the interpretation of in-situ testing results the company applies research procedures developed by its staff or prepared in cooperation with the Department of Geotechnics of the University of Life Science in Poznań.

Quality of equipment used in static penetration, criteria to be met by materials and requirements concerning the precision and accuracy of recording of cone resistance, sleeve friction, pore pressure and penetration velocity have to comply with directives of the TC 16 Technical Committee of the International Society for Soil Mechanics and Geotechnical Engineering (ISSMGE) entitled "International Reference Test. Procedure for the Cone Penetration Test (CPT) and Cone Penetration Test with pore pressure (CPTU)", published in 2001.


This department is involved in tasks in the following fields:
  • Preparation of documents required in the application procedure for the development order along with complete authorization,
  • Assessment of real estate for construction investment projects.