STATIC PENETROMETER Hyson 20 Tf by ap van den Berg Machinefabriek
SONDA STATYCZNA Hyson 20 Tf firmy ap van den Berg
  • High testing rate, between 10 and 20 drillings may be performed daily up to the depth of as much as 40 m,
  • Approval of exploration work plan is not required in case of penetration tests,
  • Register of cone resistance, sleeve friction and pore pressures makes it possible to promptly assess strength shear parameters, internal friction angle and soil cohesion, undrained shear strength and deformation parameters, moduli G0, M0 and ES,
  • Performed dissipation test facilitates determination of water permeability index of soil.

Applied cones

MOSTAP cores
Próbnik "MOSTAP"
  • Collection of high quality soil cores of 2.0 m in length and a diameter of 36.5 mm,
  • Possibility to collect samples from a depth of 20 m and samples below ground water table.

Dylatometr Marchettiego
Marchetti dilatometer
  • Fast testing rate,
  • Precise measurement of deformation parameters, especially in soils with poor bearing capacity.

Dylatometr sejsmiczny SDMT

SDMT seismic dilatometer
  • standard DMT parameters may be determined
  • determination of shear modulus G0
  • Identification of subsoil anisotropy